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Lipikaar Features

  • Lipikaar is a typing method which allows users to type in their language using a regular English keyboard.
  • Simple, easy to use and intuitive typing solution.
  • Designed for professional use.
  • Supports 18 languages - Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Nepali, Konkani, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Arabic and Urdu.
  • Lipikaar is based on simple rules which allow you to type words accurately. With Lipikaar, even the most complicated word can be typed effortlessly in seconds.
  • Unlike transliteration, Lipikaar gives users complete control over typing.
  • No fluency in English is required. Lipikaar encourages users to think in their language.
  • Works offline. No dependency on Internet connection.
  • No keyboard stickers required.
  • Unlike Inscript Keyboards, there is no need to memorize the character mapping. Based on 3 simple rules, Lipikaar is intuitive and helps in quick typing.
  • Lipikaar is a patented solution & based on Unicode (universal standard for representing text in different scripts).
  • Lipikaar can be used with all Windows Desktop Applications (which support Unicode) including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer. Now send & receive e-mails, create documents in your language. [Know More]