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What is Lipikaar?

Lipikaar is a simple & intuitive method for typing in Telugu language using a regular English keyboard. It requires no learning and within a few seconds you will be able to type any Telugu word.

It is based on a simple assumption - if you can write in Telugu, then you can type in Telugu with Lipikaar. Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software works with Windows Desktop Applications like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Internet Explorer, etc.

To start typing in Telugu, try out our products:

Apart from Telugu, we support many other languages. To get help on the language which you want, choose it from the page menu.

Which applications does Lipikaar work with?

Since Lipikaar comes in two versions: Lipikaar Typing Software for Windows and Lipikaar Firefox Add-on, it supports almost all Windows and Internet based applications in which you need to type in Telugu.

Lipikaar Typing Software for Windows lets you create Word documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets, or simply chat in any messenger in Telugu. Download this desktop software and type in Telugu in any standard Office, Internet and Windows Desktop Application. Lipikaar Typing Software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.

Lipikaar FireFox Addon lets you create emails, blogs, scraps, comments and lets you chat and search in Telugu on any website. Download the free add-on for Firefox and start typing in Telugu on any website.

How do I type words and sentences in Telugu using Lipikaar?

Is there a typing table for Telugu language which I can refer to?

To understand how to type with Lipikaar & to view the typing table for Telugu, click on the link below.

View Typing Help for Telugu

Can Lipikaar work without an Internet Connection?

Yes. Lipikaar Typing Software for Windows is not dependent on Internet connectivity. It is an offline program which resides on the background of your Windows operating system. All you need to do is to enable Lipikaar, select your language and you are ready to type in any Windows-based application like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.

Lipikaar FireFox Extension is a free tool for Internet applications. This extension technically does require an Internet connection, but after installation it runs through FireFox. Thus, even if you are offline, the extension functions the same way as when you are online. You can turn off your connection, finish all the typing in your Internet Application using the Lipikaar FireFox extension. Similar to how you can be offline while composing an email in Outlook or Thunderbird.

If I create a document using Lipikaar, can I view it on another machine that does not have Lipikaar?

Lipikaar is based on Unicode (universal standard for representing text in different scripts) and is not dependent on a particular font. Hence a document created using Lipikaar can be viewed on another machine on which Lipikaar is not installed.

How is Lipikaar different from transliteration?

Transliteration is a method in which you spell the pronunciation of the Telugu word in English. The algorithm then converts the word into Telugu script. There are several problems with this approach:

  • Ambiguous
    Transliteration is suitable for common words that can be spelled easily. However for words that are not part of our everyday conversation, figuring out the correct English spelling may not be as simple. Typing words accurately may require a trial and error approach and thus making it unsuitable for professional use.
    Lipikaar is based on simple rules which allow you to type words accurately. With Lipikaar, even the most complicated word can be typed effortlessly in seconds.
  • Fluency in English
    Transliteration requires users to have fluency in English so that they can spell the Telugu word phonetically.
    Lipikaar only requires you to know the phonetic sounds of the English alphabets so that you can use the regular English keyboard and type in Telugu without using stickers. Lipikaar encourages users to think in Telugu and not English.
  • Silent Characters
    There are many silent characters in languages like Malayalam, Tamil and other Indic scripts which may have different spellings but they are phonetically quite different. For an intelligent transliteration algorithm, it becomes difficult to interpret these words.
  • Writing Names, Addresses and other non-dictionary words
    Since transliteration is based on a dictionary approach typing names, addresses and other non-dictionary or hybrid words becomes difficult. Once you know the basic rules of Lipikaar, you can type any word with ease.

Hence transliteration is more suitable for users who think in English and is meant for typing common words and few sentences.

Lipikaar is a simplified typing method for both monolingual and bilingual users. The tool is designed for professional use. Our vision is to encourage extensive usage of Indian languages beyond a casual remark or a phrase.

I see all the matraas broken. does not appear properly. How can I fix that?

Matras are placed incorrectly. Left side matras are placed on the right of the associated character. Or matras are rendered wrongly. This can be fixed by configuring your Windows machine correctly.

Click here for a step by step solution for this error

I see strange boxes like these - □ □ □ □ when I type. How can I fix this?

The problem is that Unicode fonts are not available. The characters appear as boxes or question marks.

Click here for a step by step solution for this error

From where can I get additional fonts for Telugu language?

Since Lipikaar is based on Unicode, it works with any Unicode font. Windows comes pre-bundled with Unicode fonts for all supported languages. To install additional fonts for Telugu, click on the link below.

Download Telugu Fonts

How do I purchase Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software for Windows?

Lipikaar Typing Software for Windows comes with a fully functional 3-days trial period. To continue using the software after 3 days, purchase and activation is required.

Lipikaar comes with a per PC license. Once purchased, it can be used on a single machine without any additional charges.

We support multiple modes of payment - both online (Credit Card, Netbanking, Paypal) and offline (Cheque/Cash Deposit, Electronic Fund Transfer).

To purchase Lipikaar, click on the link below.

Purchase Lipikaar Typing Software for Windows

How can I contact Lipikaar for suggestions and improvements?

Now that's a sweet thought. Feedback is always welcome, good or bad, praise or bewilderment, we are always there for you!
See our Testimonials Page to read what our users feel.
For product support, feedback or to report a bug for the Telugu language, send an email to
Our contact addresses and phone numbers are given here.


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