How to Type in Tamil using Lipikaar

Lipikaar is a simple method for typing in Tamil on an ordinary keyboard. It requires only some familiarity with the regular English keyboard and encourages the user to think in his/her regional language. It works on all Windows Applications which support Unicode - MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer and others.

Rule 1:

Repeatedly type the closest sounding key till you see the correct script character.

Type s once for , and twice for and thrice for .
Also, to attach to an alphabet as in க்ர type r repeatedly after the alphabet.
For க்ர, type krr.

Rule 2:

Type x after the character to get its half-character.

For பகல், type phhlx ; for உண் type uuunnx

Rule 3:

Type z to add a special symbol of the script.

For example ஃ ஂ ௐ ௹ ௰ ௱ ௲ ௳ ௴ ௵

Refer to the following table to understand the mapping for the different characters in the script.

a ா அ ஆ
c ச க்ஷ
e ெ ே ை எ ஏ ஐ
f ஃப
g ங க ங்க ஞ்ச
h ஹ க
i ி ீ இ ஈ
j ஜ ழ ஞ
l ல ள
n ந ண ன
o ொ ோ ௌ ஒ ஓ ஔ ௗ
q zwj zwnj
r ர ்ர ர் ற ற்
s ஸ ஶ ஷ ச
t த ட
u ு ூ உ ஊ
y ய ஞ
z ஃ ஂ ௐ ௹ ௰ ௱ ௲ ௳ ௴ ௵
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  • Use capital case (Left SHIFT + key) to type some commonly used characters faster.
  • Use Ctrl+Alt+L to switch between English and your language.
A அ ஆ
C க்ஷ
E எ ஏ ஐ
I இ ஈ
J ழ ஞ
N ண ன
O ஒ ஓ ஔ
S ச ஷ
U உ ஊ
Z ஂ ௶ ௷ ௸ ௺

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