About Us

Our vision is to make technology compelling and universally appealing to Indians. We've taken a small step with Lipikaar, a simplified typing method for both monolingual and bilingual users. The tool is designed to encourage extensive usage of Indic languages beyond a casual remark or a phrase. For example, typing a document, an article, an email, a presentation, a blog - all of these currently happen in English because we have a mechanical typing method (keyboard).

About Lipikaar

We wanted to provide a method that's as close as it can get to being simple and powerful without removing the keyboard thus making it suitable for the Web and the Desktop. Lipikaar's approach allows it to scale across languages therefore it is the only tool in the world that supported over 15 languages at launch.

Insist on your language. Let's make sure the the computer does not hamper our expression.


Neha Gupta

Neha started her career with Great Software Laboratory in Pune. She later moved to Tinker Technologies Pvt. Ltd. where she led the engineering team for online portals, language plugins for browsers, and website translation management engines. Neha holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, where she stood first in the graduating class.

Anjali Gupta

Anjali has conceived and built several products in E-commerce, Indian languages, and Crowd-sourced Translation. She has been featured by Entrepreneur and India Today magazines, and has been a panelist at TiE-ISB and SiliconIndia. She has an MBA from Wharton, and has worked at Amazon.com and Netegrity in the US before returning to India to start her own venture. Connect with her on http://in.linkedin.com/in/anjalig

Jugal Gupta

Lipikaar's typing method was invented and patented by Jugal Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Databyte Equipment Private Limited, a reputed technology company in India. He has been working in Indian languages since 1989. Jugal completed his B.Tech from I.I.T (Delhi) and spent several years with Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (T.I.F.R) before co-founding Databyte with his wife, Sharayu Gupta, a gold medalist in Electronics and Telecommunications, from College of Engineering Pune (C.O.E.P.). Databyte was the first to introduce Bilingual Telex and Teleprinters in India, and Stand-alone Moving Text Displays for all Indian languages along with a range of other display and telecommunication products.


Databyte Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

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