Does Lipikaar require any specific keyboard or keyboard stickers?

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For typing in Hindi with Lipikaar, do I need to have any keyboard stickers or buy a hindi keyboard?

No, Lipikaar does not need any keyboard stickers or a special keyboard. It is an easy method designed for any user who just knows the basic keys of an English Keyboard.

Lipikaar just takes a few minutes to learn.

Why it is different:

  • SMS Style: Type the closest sounding English key one or more times, until you see the script character you want.
  • X for half: Type x after any character to make it half-character.
  • Z for everything else: Type z to get all the special characters and symbols of your script.
  • Only alphabet keys are used.
  • No struggling with the correct English spellings.
  • No popup language keyboards required.
  • No guessing or prompting.
  • No clumsy keystrokes.

Even the most complicated word can be typed effortlessly in seconds.