How can I type a name like Rishi using Lipikaar?

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How can I type a name like Rishi?

िॠ – As you can see, there is a gap between those two character. How can i omit it.

Yes you can now type the name Rishi as follows:

ऋषि – ऋ(rrrrrr) + ष(sss) + ि(i)

Since the Devanagari letter ‘ऋ’ is an independant character, it is not written in conjunction with any matra : ‘ि’ ‘ु’ ‘े’ ‘ा’ ‘ो’
Since there is not English equivalent for the letter ‘ऋ’ it is often written as either Ri ( as in Rishi) or Ru (as in Rushi). The pronounciation for the same differs between Ru & Ri according to Region.

The character is used in the following instances: