How to type certain ‘jod-akshar’ in Marathi using Lipikaar?

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How to type words like Varya. Whenever I try to type ‘Varya’ i.e. V+A+R+X+Y+A it displays as वार्या while ideally it should be able to display as वार-‍या with a small dash cojoined to ‘या’. However, it does not show up that way and instead I have to use the dash to write it this way.
Is there any solution to this?

How to write र्‍य – This character can be written by by using a “Zero width non joiner” This is a character which cannot be seen on screen but its presence causes the characters to join differently for e.g. क्त क्‌त क्‍त

Zero width non joiner character can be typed in windows by pressing – Ctrl+Shift+1 or use the key ‘Q’ with Lipikaar version 9.0
In order to get the “rya” part in the words in Marathi such as “वार्‍या” or “करणार्‍या” type the following sequence of keys to get the word.
R —> X —> Ctrl+Shift+1(or Q) —-> Y which will be displayed as र —> र् —-> र्‍ —-> र्‍य