How to type the word ISHWARIYA in Hindi using Lipikaar?

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I was on and I want to type “ISHWARIYA” which means “GODLY” in Hindi.  Please help me out.

ईश्वरीय – Complicated word indeed, but very simple using Lipikaar!
There are only some rules to be followed in Lipikaar –
Sms-style sequence of characters as well as vowels:
To type ई, type “i” four times.

To get a half-श (श्), we need to type type the full one first. So type “s” two times.
Now the ‘x’ rule kicks in. To get a half-character, i.e “श्” joined to a “व”, we type an x after the श्.

Now we have ईश्व, to join a रीय type “r-i-i-y”. And you have ईश्वरीय !

Of course if you want to type Aishwarya, u just replace the ई with a ऐ by typing e-e-e-e.
The श्व remains the same. And for र्या , you type rxya.

And presenting: ऐश्वर्या !!