Letters are not matching with keyboard mapping

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I have installed lipikar and I am able to write also. But letters are not matching with the keyboard. e.g. ल is coming by pressing ‘M’ of keyboard and so on. Can anybody help.

This problem usually occurs if you have forgotten to start the Lipikaar application or you have the wrong keyboard installed.

Kindly follow these instruction in order to type in the language of your choice using Lipikaar:

  1. Double Click on the “लि Start Lipikaar” icon on your Desktop.
  2. Lipikaar will be enabled. This will be indicated by a small “लि” icon on the task bar next to the system time.
  3. Kindly open the application in which you need to work such as MS Word, MS Excel etc.
  4. Click on “लि” icon on the taskbar. Go to Choose Language and select your language.
  5. Start typing in the application using the simple rules of Lipikaar.

To check you keyboard settings please click on the following link: Configure Your Windows For Indian Language Typing