Typing various forms of ‘R’ using Lipikaar

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While typing in Lipikaar, how do the different forms in ‘r’, for instance क्र, कृ and कर्म differ while spelling?

‘R’ can take various forms in Devanagari script. ‘R’ itself has variants ( सृजन, प्राण, ऋषि) and it clubs into other alphabets as a half-character too (वर्मा, शर्मा).

For the variants of R, type it using it’s sequence (type R repeatedly):

For क्रम, type K R R M .

For कृपा, type K R R R P A.

For ऋषि, type R R R R S S S I.

For using R as a half-character,

For शर्मा, type S S for श, now to insert the र् between the श and the मा, type XRMA. Thus, we get शर्मा by typing S S R X M A.

Similarly use R X whenever you need the matra form of R.