Uniscribe – Improve Rendering Of Indian Language Scripts On Your Machine

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The rendering of Indian languages and other such scripts (complex scripts) in Microsoft Windows is controlled by Uniscribe. Uniscribe is a set of services for rendering Unicode-encoded text, especially complex text layout. Uniscribe is implemented in the DLL USP10.DLL USP – Unicode Scripts Processor.

Although Uniscribe has been available since Windows 2000, new versions of Uniscribe provided more functions to the system. The newer versions provide improved rendering of various scripts. Example – In older versions certain characters of the script will appear disconnected. For e.g. अ ॅ

Windows 2000/XP/2003 users must upgrade Uniscribe for better rendering of Indian scripts. Windows Vista/2008/7 users do not need to upgrade Uniscribe since they have the latest version of the same.
For details on how to upgrade Uniscribe refer to the following links – Upgrade Uniscribe