Does Lipikaar work offline or does it require Internet Connection?

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To use Lipikaar do I have to be online? Can it work if I don’t have an Internet connection?

Lipikaar does not depend on Internet and can be used offline. Only certain actions are dependent on Internet. Details are described below:

The Lipikaar Desktop Application is not dependent on Internet connectivity. It is an offline program which resides on the background of your Windows operating system. All you need to do is to select your language, enable Lipikaar and you are ready to type in any Windows-based application like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. Only activation of the software requires you to send the registration code on email. This can be done from any other computer which has an Internet Connection and not necessarily the one on which you want to activate Lipikaar.

The Lipikaar FireFox Extension is a free tool for Internet applications. This extension technically does require an Internet connection, but after installation it runs through FireFox. Thus, even if you are offline, the extension functions the same way as when you are online. You can turn off your connection, finish all the typing in your Internet Application using the Lipikaar FireFox extension. Similar to how you can be offline while composing an email in Outlook or Thunderbird.